A Refreshed New Look

August 6, 2023 | 3 minutes read

We’ve refreshed how you access your activities on Hubtel, and in the process fixed a few minor concerns, as part of our commitment and focus on serving you better.

These changes highlight key services you use for your daily activities; PaymentSMS, and Customer Insights.

Here’s What’s New Under Payments!


You can now create and share invoices as links to your customers and receive payments at any time.

Track all invoices created on each branch of your business with their corresponding statuses.

Links can be generated and sent as Simple Payment Requests, Full Invoices, or Automated Debits.

Scheduled Payments

You can now view a log of all recurring payments and cancel upon your customers’ requests.

Here’s What’s Changed


Details of your sales activities are now captured as Transactions.

Extra income earned from reselling programmable services is also captured as Commissions.

Both your Transactions and Commissions are under Payments. This means you will now have to tap on Payments to view your Transactions (sales) and Commissions.

Customer Insights

The newly designed interface provides access to valuable customer information that can help you learn more about your customers.


You can now initiate and complete transfers from “Transfer from Deposits”.

“Pay Employees and Suppliers” has been updated with a new look.

You can make payments in bulk using “Send from Excel“ and approve your transactions using “Approvals”.

A Simplified and User- friendly Dashboard

Your business dashboard has been modified to provide a more intuitive, real-time overview of your business activities.


Sending, scheduling, and viewing reports in real-time has never been easier with our Direct Gateway Messaging Service.

Managing your Statements, Cash Outflows, and Deposits

Your business’s settlement accounts can now be accessed under “Deposit accounts.“

Additionally, you can view statements of your transactions under “Settlement Statements.“

“Cash out flows” allows you to view and download a list of all your payouts and outflows.

Managing Your Account 

“Manage Business” is now Overview where you see all your business details.

You can now assign two super administrators to approve payments on behalf of the business account owner under Employee Permissions.

Set up your bank or mobile money account details under Transfer and Settlement.

Manage the branches of your business from the “Branches” section.

Your USSD codes can still be accessed under the USSD page.

Introducing your Account Settings

Threshold notifications are now sent to you when you reach your API SMS and Prepaid account limits.

You can also monitor your employees’ actions through the Audit Logs.

The Error Logs provide insights as your SMS messages are processed for delivery.

With Automated Reports, you can now schedule when to receive your payment and SMS reports, eliminating the need for manual downloads.

Access all downloads initiated from the portal or automatically from the Downloads page.

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