Best Delivery Service in Ghana

August 16, 2019 | 2 minutes read

Caution: This is not your average long list post (of delivery services). If you want an actual long list of delivery services in Ghana, check this page by GhanaYellow: They do a good job of listing all the major delivery companies in Ghana.

I’m here to introduce Hubtel’s own delivery service called Careforce. Sounds familiar? No? Read on then

Hubtel Careforce

Now consider this scenario: An Ecommerce platform that handles its own delivery service. Sounds pretty much like a well thought-out plan. And it is!

The catch here is this: deliver to the customer in 60 minutes or less.
When you shop on the
Hubtel Mall, you get your items on the same day – within 60 minutes. Amazon has something similar called FreeSameDay but works a bit differently. Plus it only works for selected items and locations.

This is the power of the Hubtel Careforce – a network of delivery agents within an area close to where you shop from. Any business who has products listed on Hubtel has access to this fast delivery service.
What this means for you as a business is that, you get to focus more on selling while Hubtel Careforce takes care of all your delivery needs.

If you are a buyer, you get the assurance of getting your items within 60 minutes of purchasing on the Hubtel Mall.

Give It A Spin

Have you shopped on the Hubtel Mall yet? Time to give it a spin. Clothes, phones, electronics, food (yes food) all on your phone or at

Time to do some shopping!

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