Get Extra Income Selling Services

November 11, 2020 | 1 minute read

Earn Attractive Commissions Selling Services on Hubtel

Your storefront can earn extra income from selling airtime, internet data, utilities, pay TV, lottery, betting, insurance and many other services
directly from your Hubtel POS.

These everyday services add value to your storefront and provides a competitive advantage for your business to add another layer of delight
to your products and services to customers.

For each service you sell, you receive an instant commission directly from the provider of the service.

Experience the difference…

– There are no fees to activate all commission services – it’s FREE

– Earn attractive commissions

– On demand, fast-moving services

– Few taps to sell each service directly from your Hubtel POS

Processing your commissions….

Commission rates vary based on the commission percentage of the service and are either calculated as inclusive or exclusive of the cost of the service to the
customer. Commissions are settled instantly on each sale.

The more services you sell, the more commission you can earn.

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