Connect With Your Customers This Holiday Season

November 30, 2020 | 3 minutes read

Each year’s holiday season is always a wake-up call for many merchants. To prepare for the rush, new tools are purchased, new staff members are hired and new processes are put into place. It has always been an awesome time for growth and an even better time to establish your brand.

But 2020 has been different. This year has been unlike any other, and perhaps one of the most oxymoronic periods with buying habits shifting and online sales rising. eCommerce has become more important now than ever before. As the holiday season fast approaches, many are wondering what it will look like….

So, how can you properly prepare for the holiday shopping season with eCommerce right at the center? Our eCommerce Holiday Checklist is a great place to start.

To capitalize on the holiday rush this year, while preparing your business for a more optimized customer experience next year, Hubtel has provided the dynamic tools you need to meet your customers wherever they are with whatever they need, however they want.

Breach Online and Offline
This year is all about organized and safe shopping. Engage your customers from multiple fronts as more customers are turning to online shopping to avoid all the challenges with shopping in-store. Customers are more and more involved with their mobile devices. Take your business to your customers. Delight and entertain them with seamless shopping experiences and be sure to reach them right on their smartphones with Hubtel.

Payment Convenience is a MUST…

Offer your customers payment flexibility and convenience. Remember, customers are usually pressed for time during the holiday season and need to complete their purchases ASAP. Secure your customers with multiple payment options from any mobile money network or bank card on Hubtel.

Speed can break or make sales
Fast same-day delivery is key to winning the holiday spend. Last-minute shoppers, impatient buyers, and busy people all want their products delivered quickly. By offering fast same-day delivery for your customers, you appeal to a wider range of shoppers rather than just the organized early birds! It prevents shoppers from missing out by ensuring items arrive on time to start their wrapping…

Be appealing
Personalize your customers’ experiences with recommendations and purchase guides on Hubtel. Customers are loyal to brands that make shopping easy, especially during the holidays. Gain insights into customers’ preferences, inspire and encourage them to make a purchase with holiday offers and season’s favorites.

Include your customers in your holiday celebrations this year.

Be uplifting and help customers get through a rather tough year by providing added convenience and peace of mind.

2020 has proven to all of us that the future is now, and there is no waiting!

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