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July 25, 2018 | 2 minutes read

Hubtel Webstore – A Free E-commerce Platform For Businesses

If you operate a brick and mortar business, your next smart move will be to move your store online.

Many businesses lose out on potential sales because they do not have an online presence. As human interactions go digital, so are competitive businesses reaching customers online. Having an online presence reduces the number of physical locations businesses need to serve customers and opens a wider customer base to the business at the same time. Imagine setting up a business in Accra and getting orders from all over the country. A good webstore or e-commerce website makes this possible.

Enter, the Hubtel Webstore – built to offer businesses an online storefront for customers to transact with them.

Adding an item to cart on Hubtel Webstore

What is Hubtel Webstore?

This is built for businesses to make their wares and services available online for customers. Customers will be able to place orders and make payments on the webstore. Here’s a great alternative for businesses who wish to have an online presence but don’t have the means to set up one.

Payment options available on a Hubtel Webstore


Making payment using on Hubtel Webstore


What is the Cost Involved?

Nothing! ?

Like seriously. It is absolutely free for all businesses. As long as you have a Hubtel account with verified business information, you will have access to the Hubtel Webstore. If you need to sign up for Hubtel POS, simply create a free account at

You’ll find below sample pages from a demo webstore account. Your customers will be able to pay for your products/services using your unique webstore link. You can give your webstore link to your customers so they can easily make payments to your business.  Check out our very own webstore:


Sign up for a free Hubtel POS account at

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