July 2020 Product Update

July 31, 2020 | 1 minute read

July 2020 Product Update

Items variations,
Intra-account Transfers & More…

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Selling items with varieties

Offer your customers various purchase options for products such as sizes, colors, materials or even price points with product variants. Your sales employees can now sell items with varieties quickly. Your customers can also get exactly what they want and feel more satisfied about their purchases with multiple options.


Selling a footwear that comes in multiple sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and colours (Red, Yellow. Green etc).  

Hubtel Intra-Account Transfers

Schedule and settle payments to branches associated to your business on Hubtel with ease. Transfer money between different accounts associated with your business on Hubtel when needed.

New receipt design on Hubtel app

Simplified receipts for your customers’ purchases on the Hubtel App with a refreshing new look in Stream.