Luckweb Enhances Overall Customer Experience with Hubtel 

February 19, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Luckweb, the operator of Daywa 5/39 Lottery, is a leading global lottery operator with operations spanning across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Authority (NLA), they provide an exciting new gaming experience to the Ghanaian public. 


Luckweb faced two challenges. Firstly, customers were unable to complete payments to play games because the USSD code or API truncated, funds occasionally hung, and did not reach them or their customers on time. Additionally, there were discrepancies in reconciliation between them and the service provider. 

Secondly, Luckweb needed a reliable SMS service provider to enable them to send timely SMS messages and transactional alerts to their customers. 

“For the industry we operate in, every second of delay has consequences; it leads to issues of mistrust. When messages are not delivered promptly, there is a risk of being perceived as tampering with the system or attempting to manipulate results,” said Marita Ofori, Marketing Manager of Luckweb Ghana. 

Luckweb needed a service provider that was not only reliable but also guaranteed that customers could make smooth payments to play games, receive cash prize notifications on time, and send bulk messages for marketing purposes. 


Luckweb switched to Hubtel, which offered them solutions to all the challenges they previously faced. With Hubtel’s services, they were able to integrate a Receive Money API into their system to enable them to receive payments from their customers without any hindrance. To solve the issue of cash prize distribution, a Send Money API was also integrated into their system to ensure that winning customers received their cash prizes right on time without any delays. 

Additionally, customers received prompt transactional alerts whenever they made payments to play or received money from their winnings. These timely notifications not only kept their customers informed but also increased the trust customers had in the business. 

In their marketing efforts, Luckweb also makes use of Hubtel’s Bulk Messaging service to enable them to send messages to all their customers in one go. 

With Hubtel’s API integrations and messaging service, Luckweb has eliminated the challenges they previously faced. Their traffic has grown significantly, and they have been able to collect payments smoothly from their customers, consistently distribute cash prizes timely, and messages promptly delivered. 


Since the switch to Hubtel, Luckweb has been able to: 

  • Seamlessly collect payments from their customers. 
  • Consistently and promptly distribute cash prizes to winning customers. 
  • Promptly send transactional notifications to keep customers informed. 
  • Ensure timely delivery of SMS messages to all customers for marketing purposes. 
  • Improve its overall customer experience. 

Hubtel enables Luckweb to maintain its outstanding service by ensuring that customers can make payments to play games and receive their prizes promptly. This not only streamlines the gaming experience but also contributes significantly to the overall experience of Luckweb’s customers. 

“We are very happy with Hubtel’s services,” says Marita. “They have been seamless and have successfully addressed the issues we once faced.” 

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