From Intern to Manager in Seven Years: Meet David Nii Kwatelai Quartey

March 4, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Meet David Nii Kwatelai Quartey, the manager for Merchant Success and Integrations. A department responsible for ensuring merchants smoothly onboard the Hubtel platform, integrate their APIs with no challenges, and receive the necessary support and guidance. 

David Nii Kwatelai Quartey didn’t start as a manager but joined Hubtel as an intern and progressed to his current role. 

Read on to find out more about his journey at Hubtel. 

The beginning of the journey…an internship 

“Just like many fresh graduates out of school, I had big dreams. Even though I studied Geomatic Engineering, I decided not to pursue a career in my course but rather decided to start my own business. Well, let’s say that it didn’t go as planned, and I joined Hubtel as a Customer Success Intern through a network. My role was to help resolve customer complaints and ensure customers were satisfied with our services.” 

An image of David Nii Kwatelai Quartey with a big smile on his face
Growth, growth, and more growth 

“After completing my three-month internship, I secured a permanent position in the same department, as a User Care Specialist. While in the role, I became interested in software engineering. This is because I found myself in an environment where most of my colleagues were software engineers. I started learning from online resources like YouTube and Udemy. During this self-learning phase, a vacancy came up for a Retail Systems Engineer, which aligned with my growing interest. I applied for the position and got the job.”  

“My colleagues were supportive, always helping when I needed assistance, and I appreciate that a lot. I think I had amassed some qualities that made me qualify for a systems engineer and coupled with the experience that I had working at Hubtel, it complemented the role quite well.”  

“At the time, my role as a Retail Systems Engineer involved POS configurations for merchants, and that’s how I found myself becoming a POS technician as well. Over time, when the department expanded, I found myself being the manager.” 

What it’s like to work in Merchant Success and Integrations   

“The Merchant Success and Integrations department, in simple terms, consists of three main roles: Merchant Success Officers, who assist businesses with onboarding and ongoing support; POS Technicians, responsible for Hubtel POS setups and support; and Retail Systems Engineers, primarily tasked with maintaining Hubtel APIs and aiding businesses in integrating them smoothly.” 

“A typical day for me starts with a team stand-up meeting to review the previous day’s activities with each team member. Following that, I meet with supervisors to discuss, update, or optimize strategies, and analyze reports and data to identify areas for improvement. If there are any pending projects or tasks, I coordinate internally with the team to ensure we provide a comprehensive platform for our merchants’ success.” 

A picture of David Nii Kwatelai Quartey having a meeting with his team.
My proudest contribution 

“Every project I’ve worked on is something I’m proud of,” says Kwatelai. “When I started leading the team, there were certain updates I wanted to implement, particularly with our technical documentation. Together with my team, we revamped all the technical content, streamlining the content to convey clearly what merchants needed to know. It has made the onboarding process extremely easy for our merchants. Also, I look forward to updating the developer’s portal as well.” 

Looking forward…  

“For me, anything that needs to be done has to be done well. As I progress, my goal is constant self-improvement. I aim to evolve each day, striving to surpass previous versions of myself. You can anticipate continuous growth and development from me—Kwatelai version infinity.” 

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