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October 2, 2017 | 2 minutes read

Credit to Cedi

We at Hubtel are obsessed with finding ways to simplify our pricing, and we have great news. We are making two changes that make your Hubtel experience a lot better.

Firstly, the value of your top-up has previously been displayed as the number of messaging credits. Starting Sunday, 1st October this will now be shown as currency balance in Cedi, or Dollars in your account.


Second, we have introduced some great value bundles for you to make significant savings. Campaigns that you run when you have not paid for a bundle will be charged at a flat standard rate of 0.03 for local messages.

Your new bundles give you up to 40% savings! Choose the monthly or quarterly bundles that best suit your needs.

Before the end of the bundle period, you can roll over your remaining value by buying another bundle or allowing your current bundle to expire. Your main currency balance will not expire so you can always buy more value bundles whenever you are ready.

Log into your account to purchase any of our nearly 40% cheaper bundles. If you need help or want more information we are always just a call or email away. Just call us toll-free on 0800 222 081.

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