October 2019 Product Update

November 1, 2019 | 2 minutes read

October 2019 Product Update

Stock Adjustment. Services. Reporting.

See what’s new in this update:


An entirely new Services page; redesigned and better organized so you shop and pay for everyday services with ease

Programmable Services

Allows developers to sell digital services; like airtime and data

Stock Adjustment

Track every single movement of your stock

Online Checkout Assistance

Instant support to quickly resolve any issues for customers during checkout

Download Reports

Request and track downloads of your sales report, funds transfer, and service debits

Hubtel Mobile App Updates

New features have been added to your Hubtel app. This requires that you update to the latest version. Older versions may not work as expected.

Save order and pay later: Save items you want to buy while you continue shopping and pay when you’re ready.

View all your receipts on Hubtel: Receipts of all your payments now shows in Stream.

Support on the go: Report issues to our support desk directly on WhatsApp.

Update card details: If you’ve got bank card(s) saved, you will need to complete the card details and save on the wallet page after the update. Your mobile money wallets will, however, work as usual.

Stock Adjustment

Manually reduce and increase your stock, as a result of any of the following reasons:

• Expiry 
• Theft/loss 
• Damaged  
• Returned  
• Recount 
• New Stock 

How does this work?
1. Select the product you wish to adjust stock on from the list of products on your Products & Services page. 
2. Tap the action icon, select Update Stock from the list of options to display a pop-up. 
3. Enter quantity to increase or decrease and save. 

Upcoming Features

Create Your Own Messaging Plan: Schedule messages to be sent to your customers daily or weekly. Set up and save recurring campaigns for future use.

Real-Time Messaging Reports: View real-time reports on the status of messages sent to your customers.

Buy SMS Credits From Your Prepaid Balance: Top up your SMS Credits and purchase bundles from your existing Prepaid Balance.

Unlock a new level of convenience with the Hubtel app

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