September 2019 Product Update

September 27, 2019 | 2 minutes read

September 2019 Product Update

Customers. Sales. Reviews. Security

See what’s new in this update:

Feedback & Inbox

Know what your customers think and feel about your business

Invoice Additions

Add taxes, levies, or other service charges a customer may have to pay as part of a sale

API Security Alerts

API Customers now receive notifications on any unauthorized (HTTP 401 or HTTP 403) attempt on accounts

Filter by Expiry Date

Filter items based on expiry dates. This requires that you add expiry dates to items; as part of product details in Advanced Options

Stock History

See all stock reduction activities when items are sold in-store, online, and on mobile

Feedback & Inbox
Receive and instantly respond to customer Ratings and Feedback.
• Your customers will receive your response and can also reply from their inbox.

Invoice Additions
• Set up invoice additions for your items per branch. This can either be included in or excluded from the price.
• All invoice additions are added to the sub-total for your customer to pay.

Callback URL Check
Your callback URL may be down or timeout once in a while. This may happen when Sending money, Receiving money, or using the Hubtel checkout.
Check the status of any of these activities whenever you miss a callback:
1. Your own client reference
2. The Hubtel Transaction ID or Checkout
3. The Network Providers transaction ID

API Self-service
Manage your API credentials yourself. Get things done on your integrations swiftly and securely with Setup API Keys now in your control.
Visit Hubtel Integration to Add, Change or Delete API Keys.

PSP Regulatory Act, 2019 (Act 987)
PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certifications in progress to meet all new minimum requirements for Payment Service Providers issued by the Bank of Ghana.

Key Features
Add the most essential and interesting key details about each item as part of the product details in Advanced Options.

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