SMSGH Co-Founder Featured In Top U.N. Entrepreneurs Showcase

July 10, 2013 | 2 minutes read

Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana – SMSGH, a leading brand in mobile communication, content, and payment aggregation has had its co-founder/General Manager, Alex Adjei Bram featured in a United Nations General Assembly conference on promoting entrepreneurship as a means to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. The conference hosted on 27th June 2013 included a showcase of some top entrepreneurs from around the world.

The conference – which was the result of the passing of an Israeli-led resolution calling on member states to promote entrepreneurship — is part of efforts by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Mission to the UN to steer away from conflict-oriented issues and brand itself as a world-leader in using innovation as a means of battling poverty, creating jobs, and increasing growth.

In attendance were the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the General Assembly President Vuk Jeremic, and representatives from around the world, including Kuwait, Tunisia, and Bahrain.

“Entrepreneurs must be encouraged to stand at the frontline of socio-economic change, in the service of sustainable development,” President Jeremic, said at the conference. “They are the ones who are often best-placed to take the first crucial steps towards breaking the cycle of poverty in their surroundings.”

As part of the conference, a slideshow to recognize thriving entrepreneurs was played on a screen in the main Assembly hall during the event. Twenty-eight entrepreneurs from different backgrounds across the world were captured with varied inscriptions based on their expertise and innovations.

See the full list here

When asked what entrepreneurship means in email correspondence, Alex wrote ‘For me, entrepreneurship means a life-long vocation of innovating for human comfort and advancement.’


The Israeli Mission to the UN represents the Jewish State and the Jewish people on the global stage of the United Nations which has worked to promote international peace, prosperity, and security through UN institutions for over sixty-four years.

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