Hubtel Extends Operations to Tamale, the Northern Region of Ghana.

December 6, 2022 | 4 minutes read

Kokomlemle, Accra –– December 2022: The leading name in quick commerce, messaging, and payments in Ghana, Hubtel, has spread its tentacles to the Northern Region of Ghana. 

Hubtel has doubled down on efforts to take digital inclusion to every corner of the nation. Earlier this year, the company launched operations in Cape Coast and followed it up with a community engagement launch in the flower city––Koforidua. This was after it successfully launched in Takoradi a year prior. By this announcement, Tamale has become the 7th operational city of Hubtel across Ghana. 

According to Population Stat, Tamale has a population total of 701,000, a growth projected to reach almost a million in 2026. The introduction of Hubtel in Tamale will enhance the city’s digital commerce by offering flexible, seamless, and convenient digital transactions through its platform. Natives of the city can now find and pay for everyday essentials with ease. In addition to offering an all-inclusive platform for customers to find and pay for everyday essentials from nearby vendors and retailers, Hubtel is also providing a seamless retailer-customer engagement, making it easier for both parties to connect.

On launching in Tamale and what it means to the company, Head of Commercial and New Markets, Gershon Akoto, in an interview said; “Up until today, Hubtel users in Tamale have been able to send money and SMS. They were also able to pay for services like airtime, internet data, DSTv and GOTv. Today’s launch means they can even do more with the Hubtel App and website. Users can conveniently order for food, groceries and more on the Hubtel and receive it within minutes in the comfort of their homes or offices”.  

“Today’s float has helped us reach out to new customers and interact with potential partner retailers. Everyone has been very welcoming and we are very confident Hubtel will work with the people of Tamale for a long time to come”, he added.  

Mrs. Elsie Bram, the Head of E-commerce ats Hubtel, spoke about the launch and stated that the company’s goal is to make digital inclusion accessible to everyone. 

“Our vision as a company is to be Africa’s most useful company; building a platform that everyone can find, pay and easily partake in the digital economy”, Mrs. Bram said.  

“We want to be useful to both customers and retailers across Africa, and the only way to achieve that is by deliberately and strategically deploying our product and services to every part of Africa, starting from our homeland, Ghana. We recently overhauled our mobile application by redesigning the user experience, and among other useful features, adding a Health and Wellness feature where users have the option to order drugs from Pharmacies nearby. Hubtel wants to be your go-to app for everything you need to make life easier.”, she added.

Businesses can use Hubtel to take payments from any mobile money, Visa or MasterCard user, in addition to that, individuals can send money to any mobile money or bank account, order for food, groceries, and more and track to receive them in minutes, buy airtime, data and pay bills on Hubtel. 

About Hubtel 

Hubtel is Ghana’s first full-feature quick commerce platform, connecting retailers and service providers to customers. Hubtel operates with a full license of the Bank of Ghana as a Payment Service Provider (Enhanced) and was recommended for a national award for its role in the digitization of Government of Ghana payment services through the Ghana.GOV payment platform. 

The Hubtel App 

The Hubtel app is a simple way to find and pay for everyday essentials from nearby vendors and retailers. From airtime, jollof, shoes, money transfer, and bill payments. It also makes sending SMS and receiving payments from a large group of people much easier. 

Get the App 

The Hubtel mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Huawei phones. Users can also visit

Hubtel Launches in Koforidua

June 21, 2022 | 4 minutes read

Kokomlemle, Accra –– June 2022: Hubtel, the leading quick commerce, messaging, and payment service provider has announced its operations in Koforidua, the Eastern Region of Ghana.  

Hubtel is extending the speed and ease of connecting retailers to customers in a rapid digital economy, to many parts of the country. This announcement adds to the company’s increasing presence in Ghana with Koforidua being its 6th city of operation, adding to Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Takoradi and Tema.  

The announcement was made in a float-style activation through the city of Koforidua, giving the residents a colorful glimpse of what they are about to experience with Hubtel. The natives of the city got a first-hand experience with the Hubtel app, getting assistance to downloading the app and activating special day discounts.  

Speaking to Bryt FM’s Isaac Batsa in an interview during the activation, Hubtel’s Head of Commercial and New Market, Gershon Akoto, said that, “The retailers in Koforidua gave us a warm welcome when we approached them to sell to their customers through Hubtel. More and more businesses in Koforidua are coming on board to showcase their items on the Hubtel App and website.”

“The people of Koforidua have also shown keen interest in signing on to the Hubtel App. We have been able to interact with some 1,400 people today through the float. Students, workers and the general Koforidua townsfolk are happy that they can find and buy groceries, food, electricals, and everything else, and pay, or collect payments from unlimited contacts”, he added.

Over the past few years, Hubtel’s mobile app has grown to become a very useful companion for mobile users, helping residents in its operating cities find and buy essential items and services from nearby retailers and providers. Earlier this year, the Bank of Ghana issued a full license to the technology company to operate as a Payment Services Provider (Enhanced), officially permitting it to provide enhanced payment services and innovative solutions to the general public.  

Commenting on the launch of the Hubtel operations in Koforidua, Alex Bram, Chief Executive Officer of Hubtel, stated, ‘For us at Hubtel, our main commitment is to make retailer-customer engagement seamless and easy for both parties. The emerging digital economy especially in Ghana, inspires us to keep innovating and broadening our operations to make sure everyone in Ghana is on board the digital train.”  

“Businesses of any kind, be it, food joints, provision shops, or restaurants, should understand that their customers live on their smartphones and that is not changing anytime soon. It is time to move to where the customers are, and Hubtel is providing that platform”, Mr. Bram further added.  

The people of Koforidua and its environs can now download the Hubtel app to find and pay for anything from retailers and vendors in the city.

About Hubtel 

Hubtel is Ghana’s first full-feature quick commerce platform, connecting retailers and service providers to customers. Hubtel operates with a full license of the Bank of Ghana as a Payment Service Provider (Enhanced) and was recommended for a national award for its role in the digitization of Government of Ghana payment services through the Ghana.GOV payment platform.  

The Hubtel App 

The Hubtel app is a simple way to find and pay for anything nearby. From airtime, jollof, shoes, money transfer, and a lot more. It also makes sending SMS and receiving payment from a large group of people much easier.  

Get the App 

The Hubtel mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Huawei phones. Users can also go to or use the GhanaPost GPS mobile app’s new Marketplace function.     

Hubtel Launches Operations In Takoradi 

December 1, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Ghana’s leading messaging, payments and  eCommerce provider, Hubtel, has extended its operations to the residents of the twin cities of Takoradi and Sekondi.

This follows the company’s successful launch in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi in June 2021, and brings the number of cities it operates in to 4; Accra, Tema, Kumasi and now Takoradi.

In an interview, Hubtel’s Head of Commercial and New Markets, Eric Akoto, revealed that “Sekondi-Takoradi was a very obvious choice for us. The city here has been growing very well in the past years. The city has a good vibe with a growing urban population and increasing number of retail businesses.”

Hubtel operates with the approval and regulatory supervision of the Bank of Ghana as an Enhanced Payment Service Provider and was recommended for a national award for it’s role in the digitization of Government of Ghana payment services through the Ghana.GOV payment platform.  Hubtel’s mobile app has become a very useful companion for mobile users, helping residents in its operating cities find and buy essential items and services from nearby retailers and providers. 

The Hubtel smartphone app will allow users in Takoradi and Sekondi to order food from restaurants and local eateries, track delivery and receive real-time notifications from the time an order is prepared, picked up and delivered to the customer’s door. The Hubtel app also has features for users to instantly top up internet data, buy airtime, send money to all bank accounts, and pay for services with any mobile money or bank card.

“We have all become used to walking into stores to pick up everyday things that we need. That same experience is now available on our smartphones. So we can stay at home, connect to any store or restaurant within our city, order anything on our phones and receive it within a short time. Hubtel’s smartphone app and website is freeing us up to be more productive on other activities.” Eric observed.

He further added that, “…as a regulated payment service provider, Hubtel operates a 100% money-back quarantee on all purchases should anything go wrong. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a foundational part of our service. If you buy anything on Hubtel, and you’re not satisfied with our service we give you all of your money back without any questions.”

On his part, the CEO of Hubtel,  Alex Bram also urged retailers to boldly embrace the changing shopping landscape by getting their inventory onto Hubtel. “If you run any retail business such as a supermarket, restaurant or operate a service, your customers are becoming more and more digital, so it’s time to fit  your store into that new lifestyle that is developing so fast.”   

As a welcome bonus first shoppers will be enjoying up to 50% discount on food and selected items from Takoradi’s favorite restaurants and shops. Along with exciting give-aways on cash and free delivery coupons, residents of Takoradi and Sekondi will be treated to lower-fee and faster deliveries on all orders.

The Hubtel mobile app is available on all Android, iOS and Huawei phones via their respective app stores. Shoppers can also visit or access it via the new Marketplace feature on the GhanaPost GPS mobile app.  

Hubtel Expands eCommerce in Ghana with Opening of Kumasi Customer Experience Center

May 31, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Hubtel has formally opened its very first customer experience center within the Kumasi City Mall. This follows the rapid adoption of eCommerce by residents within the Accra. Having warmed the hearts of thousands of very happy customers in Accra, Hubtel is now extending the convenience of fast store-to-door deliveries to Kumasi.

The move aligns with the company’s continuous quest of helping businesses grow sales and connect better to changing customer needs.

It also follows the 2019 re-introduction of Hubtel’s refreshed eCommerce platform which is seamlessly merging the shopping experience for customers in-store and online with fast same day delivery. 

Recently licensed by Bank of Ghana as an Enhanced Payment Service Provider, Hubtel is positioning itself to become a very useful companion for mobile users, just as it has done with its transformational work in pioneering mobile airtime content services, fintech and bulk SMS messaging.  

The opening of the Hubtel experience center will serve as a base of operations for its eCommerce activities within the Kumasi metropolis. This will also provide a point of call for users of Hubtel to get first-hand experience of features and also get help from customer service officers. 

The center will in addition provide walk-in assistance to business owners to set-up Hubtel POS to manage inventory, sales and payments. 

Hubtel Smartphone App  

The center’s opening also coincides with the introduction of the Hubtel smartphone app to residents of Kumasi. The app enables consumers to find and buy anything from stores in Kumasi and receive it within 90 minutes to a few hours. 

It also has features for users to instantly top up data, buy airtime, send money and pay for services with any mobile money or bank card. 

The app also includes features to track delivery orders and receive notifications from the time an order is prepared, picked up and delivered. 

In an interview at the opening, CEO of Hubtel, Alex Bram urged retailers to boldly embrace the changing shopping landscape by getting their inventory onto Hubtel. 

“If you run any retail business such as a supermarket, pharmacy or restaurant, your customers are becoming more mobile, so it’s time to fit your store into their mobile lifestyle.” he stated.

In a speech to formally open the center, the Chairman of the company, Hans Nilsson said, “If you’re a consumer, Hubtel is bringing all retailers to your smartphone. This puts the city on your phone, making it possible to order anything and have it delivered to your door.”

He therefore urged everyone to install the Hubtel app, and link to a mobile money wallet or bank card to try it out. 

Hubtel continues expansion with opening of Nairobi office

March 23, 2017 | 2 minutes read

Hubtel has formally opened its new office in Nairobi, Kenya. The move is a commitment to Hubtel’s continued growth in East Africa to continuously improve its product offerings to businesses in Kenya and beyond.

After 3 years of operations in Nairobi, the office opening was yet another thing to be proud of for the company. Hubtel, which has been in operation for over 11 years, with 30 million customers across 4 African countries; Ghana, Kenya, and Cameroon, and Nigeria has seen immense growth and success since.

CEO of Hubtel, Alexander Adjei Bram said, “ It is a great time in Africa. We’ve never been more connected in our history, we’ve never been at a time where you had the freedom to do what our parents used to do. It is a good time for us to dream. For us at Hubtel, our dream is to ensure that businesses are given the simple tools they can have to make their customers happy; and we believe that Africa will be a better place when businesses make customers happy.”

The office was officially opened by its Chairman, Hans Nilsson, who in his address stated that “Hubtel uses mobile communication which one if not the best infrastructure across Africa, using that to drive and improve business processes is a big opportunity for us as a business but is a more important opportunity to businesses and customers to help drive their own businesses and using the power of it”. In attendance were several of Hubtel’s partners and customers, who were given a tour of the office

The expansion of Hubtel to Nairobi, Kenya will allow the company to better serve and more efficiently handle its East Africa operations as it continues to grow.

About Hubtel

Hubtel is a leading technology company, and provider of customer engagement solutions; such as messaging, payments, and loyalty for businesses across African countries. Founded in 2005, Hubtel has a presence in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and Nigeria. Its clientele comprises of banks, insurance companies, large enterprises, manufacturers, government and utility providers, and many more.

Hubtel To Open Office In Kenya

March 21, 2017 | 2 minutes read

Hubtel has announced the official opening of its office in Kenya on Tuesday 21st March 2017. By establishing a physical presence in Kenya, Hubtel is committed to enforcing its presence in East Africa.

The official opening is scheduled to take place in its ultra-modern offices on the 3rd Floor of Westcom Point Mahiga Mairu Avenue, Westlands, Nairobi.

The company which has been operating in Kenya for the past 3 years, has within this period, been preparing its systems and getting partners ready for its launch and promises to be Africa’s leading customer service provider for businesses.

Hubtel has been operating in Ghana for over 11 years and is well known for its messaging and payment solutions which have grown its customers to over 30 million across 4 African countries, notably, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and Nigeria. Its clientele comprises of banks, insurance companies, large enterprises, manufacturers, government and utility providers, and many more.

Across Africa, businesses of all sizes still deliver nearly all customer services through manual processes and approaches. The manual nature of these tasks limits the number of customers that can be served at any given time without a significant decline in quality of service. Hubtel will help its clients to transform the way businesses connect, engage, and serve customers – saving the business time while boosting revenues.