A New Kind Of Selling – Social Media Selling

November 7, 2018 | 3 minutes read

Numbers Don’t Lie

The following stats on social media usage should interest you. As a business, you want to be where the action is. Your potential clients/customers are all on social media.

Social Media Statistics (brandwatch.com)

Facebook topped the list of most used social media platform (obviously). With this in mind, the next question is: how do I tap into this goldmine?

The Tools For Selling

If you already have business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, you’re halfway through. The next thing is driving traffic to these accounts. Once your followers know where to go from your account, that’s a big start. On Instagram, you only get one link on your profile, and you have to make this count. What if you don’t have a website? Selling online is the new shopping experience your customers want (and actually use). Having an online presence is a sure way to tap into this massive number of users sprawling the internet every day for things to shop.

On Facebook, you can always include links to your website in your post captions. The same goes for Twitter. The tricky one here is Instagram. In a later post, we’ll have a look at how to maximize your Instagram for good conversions (Remember, you only get one link).

Selling on Instagram becomes relatively easy when you have a CTA for your customers to use, once they show interest. The one link Instagram provides should be used to its maximum. Imagine having all your products on one platform where everyone can access and shop from.

Hubtel Webstore

When you sign up for your business on Hubtel, you get a unique webstore (free eCommerce platform) where your customers can shop from you anytime anywhere. Plus it comes with delivery options. So all you need to do is just stock up. We’ll handle the delivery for you. Sounds interesting?

How To Get Yours

Visit the registration page or simply dial *713#. Everything can be done in a day for you so you can start selling from anywhere (especially online).


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