Tania’s Inspiring Journey With Two Guys Supermarket 

October 5, 2023 | 4 minutes read

Tania, the owner of Two Guys Supermarket, who lived a greater part of her life in Europe, was determined to return home and start her own business while allowing her sons to experience the rich history and diverse culture of her motherland. 

After a failed hair salon in 2019, Tania got the inspiration to start a grocery business during the covid which to many people was not a smart business move. But to her, it was an opportunity to help people get access to their daily essentials and her unrelenting drive to show the naysayers it was possible to return home and make it. Inspired by her sons, Tania named her business Two Guys Supermarket to serve as a source of motivation. 

What started as an impossible business to many, considering the time of its inception, Two Guys Supermarket quickly grew from a brick-and-mortar business to a hybrid business. The business offers clients three ways of shopping. Either in-person, pickup, or home delivery.  

Drawing lessons from her previous salon business experience, Tania learned the importance of getting everything right from the start. Given the nature of the grocery business, she understood the necessity of implementing a system to track sold items and provide real-time updates on stock levels to prevent running out of inventory. This is when Hubtel entered the scene.  

With Hubtel’s POS, Two Guys Supermarket has been able to:  

  • Efficiently track and manage inventory, eliminating fears of theft. 
  • Increased sales by introducing payment flexibility. 
  • Saved time by not tracking inventory manually.
  • Expedited payment processing. 

With a grocery business’s demanding nature and its location in East Legon, a bustling business district, business had to move fast. In grocery shopping, time is of the essence, and any hindrance to the checkout process, such as payment acceptance issues or slow checkout points, could lead to lost sales.  

Additionally, Tania’s lifestyle, which involved frequent international travel, required her to entrust her business to her employees. Thus, she needed a system to ensure the smooth operation of her business in her absence.  

“I visit family in Europe during the summer vacations. So, I wanted to ensure business runs smoothly even when I am not around” Tania explained. Recognizing the importance of working smart, she took steps to implement the right systems. 

Solution – Hubtel POS

The solution came through a friend who introduced her to Hubtel POS, a mobile retail software with a web management dashboard that enables your business to accept payments from mobile money wallets across all networks. 

Hubtel’s POS effectively addressed the challenges of checkout and inventory management, significantly improving the shop management experience. Customers could make payments quickly, whether with cash, mobile money, bank transfers, or cards. 

Having access to accurate information about inventory and sales allowed Two Guys Supermarket to remain organized and maintain smooth operations. Tania says, “Hubtel’s POS saves me so much time. Even when I’m out of the country, I receive notifications when a sale is made, ensuring I stay informed about stock levels without needing to conduct manual inventory counts.” 


Tania’s journey from Europe back to her homeland, driven by a desire to create opportunities for her sons and succeed as an entrepreneur, has been nothing short of inspiring. 

With Hubtel’s POS, Two Guys Supermarket has efficiently managed various aspects of its operations, streamlined processes, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Tania’s commitment to her business and her customers’ needs propelled Two Guys Supermarket to success, proving that with the right tools and determination, every business can thrive. 

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