The History of Online Shopping

September 20, 2019 | 2 minutes read

eCommerce, even in its most basic form has been around for 40 years!

The history of e-commerce dates back even before the internet. How Did It All Begin?

1979 – Michael Aldrich ‘invented’ online shopping. Aldrich was an English inventor, innovator and entrepreneur, who is credited with developing the predecessor to online shopping.

The idea came about during a stroll with his wife, when Aldrich lamented about their weekly supermarket shopping expedition.

This conversation sparked an idea to hook a television to their supermarket to deliver the groceries.

Immediately after the discussion Aldrich quickly planned and implemented his idea.

In 1979, Aldrich connected a television set to a transaction processing computer with a telephone line and created what he coined, “teleshopping,” meaning shopping at a distance.

By definition, ecommerce or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of products or services via the Internet.

From mobile shopping to online payment encryption and beyond, ecommerce encompasses a wide variety of data, systems, and tools for both online buyers and sellers.

Most businesses with an ecommerce presence use an ecommerce store and/or an ecommerce platform to conduct both online marketing and sales activities and to oversee logistics and fulfillment.

The history of ecommerce started 40 years ago and, to this day, continues to grow with new technologies, innovations, and thousands of businesses entering the online market each year.

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